This support post is designed to assist you in the initial setup of the Barrister CMS system in order to customise it for your specific workflow. Here, you will learn about logging in, resetting your password, adding your account details and also creating / editing customised tags.


  1. Login
  2. Reset your Password
  3. Add your Details
  4. Create your customised tags

Step 1. Login

1. Login to your tenant by going to and signing in with the username and password from your welcome email.

2. Upon signing in you will see your dashboard.

Step 2. Reset your Password

1. It’s essential that you reset your login password after you first sign in.

To do so:

2. Click the Change Account Data icon in the top right corner

3. Type in the password you received with your welcome email and confirm a new password twice. Click Save changes.

Step 3. Add your details

1. These details will appear on your fee notes, fee estimates and VAT receipts. 
2. Click the System Settings icon in the top right corner.
3. Under the General settings, enter your:
  1. Name
  2. VAT Number
  3. Bank account / IBAN Number
  4. Address
Press Save Changes

Step 4. Create your customised tags

1. Within Barrister CMS you can create custom tags that are use for tasks to quickly select the types of work you do.

2. To create or remove tags, select Manager tags in tasks / calendar

3. To create a tag:
  1. Type a tag name 
  2. Select a colour to differentiate the tag
  3. Select a text colour if required
  4. Press Create



Page last edited – 16/11/21

4. To edit or delete tags, select the buttons to the right of the tag