Security, confidentially and data integrity are absolutely at the forefront of our service. Barrister CMS is a trusted Microsoft Verified Application and fully GDPR compliant, utilising only EU Datacentres to store your information.

We believe it is ultra-important to explain exactly where your data is held, who has access to it, and how secure it is.

  1. Where is your data held?
  2. Why do we use OVH to host our servers?
  3. Who has access to my data?
  4. How is my data secured?
  5. Is my data backed up?
  6. Is my data GDPR compliant?
  7. Questions?


Where is your data held?

Your data is held on our dedicated servers hosted within OVH European data centres which are located in Germany, France, Poland and the UK. OVH are fully compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, CSA Star, HDS, SOC I and II type 2 or PCI DSS.

Why do we use OVH to host our servers?

OVH provide hosting services to Europe’s leading business and financial institutions. In 2021, OVH was granted the SecNumCloud label by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), proving their Private Cloud offering fulfils the highest standards of security in Europe.

Who has access to my data?

All content posted to, uploaded, or held within your private tenant (app), is strictly confidential and will not be accessed by Barrister CMS unless prior permission is granted directly from you in order to resolve any technical issues relating to your account/data.

How is my data secured?

Your data is secured at rest (within the data centre) and in-transit (being transferred from your devices to the server). When logging into your tenant your login is secured using an SSL certificate. When your data is in-transit it is secured using TLS.

Is my data backed up?

A backup of your tenant is performed every 3 hours. In the event of unavailability of our servers or any other crisis situation, your tenant will be accessible from our backup environment. The backup environment runs in the same configuration as your main tenant and all your data will be available. Once the issue is solved you will be automatically switched back to your main tenant.

Is my data GDPR compliant?

Yes, OVH are a fully GDPR compliant data centre. There Data Processor Agreement can be found here – Data Processing Agreement (ie).pdf (

For further GDPR information click the following link – What is the GDPR? – OVH.


If you have any questions relating to security, please email


Page last edited – 16/11/21